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About us

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At Biophilia, we are committed to retaining and protecting an environment-friendly life for each individual. We believe that an eco-friendly system can be applied to our lifestyles through our surroundings, accessories, and food. We are dedicated to making the natural element a large part of our lives and yours without it affecting the modern-city amenities that we are used to in our homes and offices. When we take on a project, we take care of everything that can help you relax. This includes ensuring a harmonious diversity of flora in your immediate surroundings.

Our online shop provides our discerning customers the convenience to purchase biophilic related products and get them delivered to their doorstep. At present, it caters only to the Sri Lankan market.

Our next phase of expansion is to provide this to the global audience.

All products are meticulously selected, designed, and made to the highest quality and design standards to provide confidence and assurance to our discerning customers.