Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum)

Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum)

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Arrowhead Plant (Scientific -Syngonium Podophyllum | Sin - වෙල් කොහිල) is a pretty trailing or climbing Plant that tends to grow quickly under the right conditions. Native to a wide region of Asia and America it has become a popular houseplant, thanks to its easy-going nature and appealing hanging shape. The arrowhead plant's leaf structure changes as it matures, going from a simple arrow shape to a deeply lobed or divided mature leaf. Its leaves can vary in hue depending on their age, ranging from dark green and white to lime green and bright pink. Arrowhead does best if left relatively alone, making it a great pick for novice gardeners or those who just forget to tend to their in home garden frequently.

Syngonium plants have the ability to cleanse the air you, breathe and act as anti-pollutants. These plants can reduce components of indoor and outdoor air pollution caused by domestic cooking appliances, candles, incense sticks, wall paints, smoking plus the automobile exhausts volatile organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. They also reduce airborne microbes and increase humidity




 Partial shade (No direct exposure to sunlight)


 Moist (Well drained)


 Regularly during spring & summer (should not let to completely dry out) reduced during winter (should not kept too wet, either)


 Once a month with liquid fertilizer (Preferable through out spring & summer)

Toxic to Cats & Dogs*


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