ALPONSU (Mangifera indica)

ALPONSU (Mangifera indica)

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Mango (Scientific - Mangifera Indica) otherwise known as Mango, is a popular fruit tree and the national tree. It is large and evergreen growing up to 45 m in height and 120 cm in bole diameter. The canopy is umbrella-shaped and spreading. It has a taproot system that can be up to 5 m deep. It is commonly grown in East Asia. One of the most popular fruits worldwide, it can be eaten raw, processed into juice, jams, candies, etc., or dried and ground into powder. The seeds are sources of starch and edible fat. Young leaves are cooked as a vegetable.There are several types of mango. Depending on the cultivar, mango fruit varies in size, shape, sweetness, skin color, and flesh color which may be pale yellow, gold, or orange.

Mango has medicinal uses as well. Generally, it is anti-diuretic, antidiarrheal, and antiemetic. Plant parts are used in the treatment of various conditions such as high blood pressure, angina, asthma, coughs, diabetes, dental problems, skin problems, colds, diarrhea, bleeding piles, dysentery, scorpion stings, hemorrhage, stomach pain, etc. 


Full Sun
Rich well draining
Should water the plant regularly, several times a week during the dry weather (Do not let the tree sit with foggy soil)
Ideal to feed with a weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. Reduce fertilizing to once a month during the winter.

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