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"Trimming with ease and intuitive handling

The Turbotrimmer EasyCut 450/25 by GARDENA is characterised by many useful features with which the care for your lawn will become easy – especially with hard to reach places or lawn edges! Especially the low weight of the EasyCut 450/25 will come in handy. For you can hold the device for a long time without feeling tired.

As the EasyCut 450/25 does not need to be assembled it is ready to use straight away. Simply adapt the trimmer to you needs before you start. You can adjust the handles as well as the telescopic shaft. That way you can work in a relaxed position. The head of the trimmer can be adjusted in its angle. That way you can reach difficult places like underneath a garden bench or a table. Your plants that grow, for instance, at the edge of the lawn are protected while trimming. The removable plant guard provides additional safety for your flowers and bushes."

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