Wood Apple (Feronia Limonia)

Wood Apple (Feronia Limonia)

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Wood Apple (Scientific - Feronia Limonia | Sin - දිවුල්) is a slow-growing tree is erect, with a few upward-reaching branches bending outward near the summit where they are subdivided into slender branchlets drooping at the tips. The bark is ridged, fissured and scaly and there are sharp spines on some of the zigzag twigs. The deciduous, alternate leaves, 3 to 5 in long, dark-green, leathery, often minutely toothed, blunt or notched at the apex, are dotted with oil glands and slightly lemon-scented when crushed. Dull-red or greenish flowers  are borne in small, loose, terminal or lateral panicles. They are usually bisexual. The fruit is round to oval, 2 to 5 in wide, with a hard, woody, grayish-white, scurfy rind about (6 mm) thick. The pulp is brown, mealy, odorous, resinous, astringent, acid or sweetish, with numerous small, white seeds scattered through it.


Wood apple is highly recommended for people suffering from kidney disorders. Owing to its detoxifying powers, wood apple can protect your kidney from diseases. The thiamine and riboflavin in wood apples are known for boosting liver health. They are also helps maintaining a good cardiovascular health.




 Full or partial (Partial mostly preferable)


 Well-drained, light sandy loamy soil


 Frequent watering is not a must.


 Ideal to feed with farm yard or NPK plant fertilizer

 (NPK - Nitrogen,Prosphorus and Potasium)*

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