Garden Pot - Cylindrical Shaped

Garden Pot - Cylindrical Shaped

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Elegantly and creatively designed cement pots are manufactured with a unique idea for showcasing the domestic (Indoor & Outdoor) plants. These Cylindrical cement pots ideal for growing various kind of small to medium plants indoors and outdoors. Such as Areca Palms,Ficus Benjaminas, Snake Plants, Philodendrons and various other domestic flowering plants.Their portability makes it possible to place them in well-lit locations for proper exposure to sunlight and easy container gardening. Comes with a drainage hole on the bottom and padded feet. The drainage hole prevents the pot from watering, promoting plant health, to help your plants thrive




 Titanium Mixed Cement

 Width or Diameter

 240 mm / 9.5 in


 120 mm / 4.5 in

 No.of Holes



 20 mm



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