Americana ( Syzygium Campanulatum )

Americana ( Syzygium Campanulatum )

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Americana (Scientific - Syzygium Campanulatum)  is a synonym of Syzygium myrtifolium Walp. The leaf shoots are orange-red and they change color to yellow, pale green and then dark green as they mature. The blossoms look like exploding fireworks. The flowers attract many butterflies, honey bees and carpenter bees, wasps and hornets.

The powder-puff flowers with no petals but many very conspicuous filamentous stamens. The leaves give out a mild cinnamon scent when crushed. The fruits look like berries. They ripen from green to dark red and they attract birds.



 Full sun


 Moist to well drained soil, Humus enriched and loamy soils




 There is no such a need of a fertilizer. If you are sure about defficiency in the soil then apply any organic fertilizer.

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