Lavender - Pink ( Cuphea Glutinosa )

Lavender - Pink ( Cuphea Glutinosa )

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Pink Lavendar (Scientific - Cuphea glutinosa) is an amazing evergreen, low-growing, much-branched, perennial plant with stems that become more or less woody and can persist; . It's one of the finest part sun groundcovers ever to be  grown . The low mounding semi-evergreen mats Pink consist of arching, wiry, reddish stems, clothed with tiny, pointed green leaves. A patch of Cuphea glutinosa is covered from late April through November with hundreds of small, light purple flowers...each one with dark stripes radiating out from the center...extremely cute and a superb groundcover . It is grown as an ornamental, where it makes a good ground cover and also helps to reduce soil erosion. It is also a potential oil crop.




 Full Sun , Drappled Sun


 Loamy Well drained Soil


 Twice (2) or Thrice (3) a week during summer.

 Reduced watering during winter. 


 Feed your plant once a month with all purpose general fertilizer 

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