African Spears (Sansevieria Cylindrica) With Square Shaped Glass Bowl Pot

African Spears (Sansevieria Cylindrica) With Square Shaped Glass Bowl Pot

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Presenting to you this unique looking square shaped bowl with African Spears plant to make you space elegant and fresh. Add a touch of beauty to your bedroom or living room with this beautiful piece of bowl. This is not only for decorations but also the plant helps in eliminating toxic air and converts the carbon dioxide to oxygen so that you can breathe in fresh air at night. Give a modern twist to your space now with this square shaped bowl and the plant.



African Spears plant (Scientific - Sansevieria Cylindrica | Sin - සන්සෙවීරියා සිලින්ඩ්රිකා) also known as the cylindrical snake plant,Is a succulent that consists of upright, gray-green, subtly striped leaves , Sansevieria cylindrica are particularly elegant house plants, with their smooth, round, spear-like foliage. This 'Spikes' cultivar is particularly handsome and bound to add an extra dimension to greenery at home or the office. African spear plants might send up a long flower spike from their center that's full of tiny, delicate, white blooms. 


Specification & Dimensions

 Growing Media





 White Quartz


 110 mm


 110 mm




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