African Spears (Sansevieria Cylindrica) with Square Shaped Glass Pot

African Spears (Sansevieria Cylindrica) with Square Shaped Glass Pot

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This square shaped glass pot makes a pretty statement piece with African Spears. This glass pot can be used in your living area or event at your office space to add a glamourous look. Keeping it in your kitchen counter or on the dining table would create a wonderful center piece. Also African Spear plant  filter airborne toxins and are part of our clean air plant collection.



African Spears (Scientific - Sansevieria Cylindrica | Sin - සන්සෙවීරියා සිලින්ඩ්රිකා) also known as the cylindrical snake plant,Is a succulent that consists of upright, gray-green, subtly striped leaves , Sansevieria cylindrica are particularly elegant house plants, with their smooth, round, spear-like foliage. This 'Spikes' cultivar is particularly handsome and bound to add an extra dimension to greenery at home or the office. African spear plants might send up a long flower spike from their center that's full of tiny, delicate, white blooms. 


Specification & Dimensions

 Growing Media





 White Quartz


 120 mm


 120 mm





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