Papermint (Mentha)

Papermint (Mentha)

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Papermint  (Scientific - Mentha)  Papermints are a genus of herbaceous perennial plants in the Lamiaceae family, in the Nepetoideae subfamily, which includes a number of species in which many are cultivated like herbs, spices, ornamental, and medicinal plants.It's easy to recognize them: rub a leaf to release its smell. When in doubt, look for opposing leaves and very pronounced veins.



 full sun or partial shade


 Loamy, moist, well-drained


 Water regularly 


 Feed returning mint plants a complete, slow-release, 16-16-16, granular fertilizer in early spring after all danger of frost has passed and new growth   emerges. Apply about 1 teaspoon to the soil above the plant's root zone.

Toxic for Cats & Dogs*



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