Lucky Bamboo (Scientific – Dracaena Sanderiana) With Ceramic Bowl Container

Lucky Bamboo (Scientific – Dracaena Sanderiana) With Ceramic Bowl Container

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The cute ceramic bowl container adds this Lucky Bamboo plant an ornamental value along with an elegant look, which is fit and capable to make your surrounding feel more of a classy, modern and calming, once you place it on your home or office desktop, Windowsill of kitchen and on top of the books shelfs in order to breath the purified non- toxic air. The Lucky Bamboo plant is identified as a symbol of fortune and prosperity in china. Also it adds oxygen to the aquarium water which benefits the fishes. Another factor that makes lucky bamboo so popular is its ability to be trained into shapes like a swirl, heart, braid and other designs. Bamboo also comes in beautiful pots and makes for a great piece of decoration.


Lucky Bamboo (Scientific – Dracaena Sanderiana | Sin - ඩ්‍රැකේනා සැන්ඩෙරියානා) is from China and Lucky bamboo plants are said to bring good luck and fortune to those that own them, especially if the plants were given as gifts. It also helps that they have a well-earned reputation as nearly indestructible .It is also known to enhance the flow of positive energy. This glass decorative pot lets you present your Lucky bamboo plant in a unique way.

Plant Specification

Growing Media: 
Medium to moderate watering is needed
Direct sunlight causes the yellowing and burning of leaves.
Pot Dimensions

96 mm
56 mm
Granite Pebble

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